There are only a very few countries in the world which offer a well packaged set-up for an independent travel such as Nepal does. This country gives its visitors a feeling of “Nirvana” that cannot be achieved in many other countries. Cities in Nepal such as Pokhara and Thamel with their myriad of bustling cafes, pizzerias, bakeries and trekking shops will make you feel as though you are in Disneyland, only difference being you are backpacker looking for adventure. A contrast to these cities are the country side which still sustains a traditional and slow paced mountain life for its resident villagers along with the heaps of mountainous adventures that gleam on the horizons of the peaks. The only problem that you may face in your entire travel duration is that you cannot cover everything mentioned on your Nepal Tour packages in one single trip and hence this country keeps receiving loyal tourists who visit again and again to see the multitude spots they weren’t able to cover on their previous trip. There are so many different ways that you can explore the many attractions and landscapes in the country by means of rafts, mountain bikes, tourist buses and motorbikes.